PSAC Statement on the Phoenix victims data breach

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is alarmed to learn that the personal information of over 69,000 Phoenix victims was mistakenly shared with over 200 government employees in 62 departments across the federal public service.

Our members have been suffering pay problems because of Phoenix for four years with no end in sight. And they will continue to experience the financial and emotional toll of this disaster as we wait for Phoenix to be stabilized and the backlog of pay problems resolved.

It’s unacceptable that our members should have to add worrying about the privacy of their personal information to their long list of Phoenix hardships. They have yet to even receive fair compensation for the last 4 years of pay problems.

In the coming hours and days PSAC will work to get a full accounting from the government as to how this happened and ensure that systems are put in place to make certain that this doesn’t happen again.


February 18, 2020