PSAC members mobilize to Uncover the Costs of contracting out jobs

Canada-wide, PSAC members are responding to the findings of the Uncover the Costs report and taking action against the contracting out of public service jobs on Canadian military bases.

Members in the Atlantic region have held actions at the Gagetown base and at Members of Parliament offices, to bring attention to the impacts of privatization on the base and in the community. More than $10 million is spent on contracts to private companies at this military base, rather than having the work done by qualified members of the public service. Military personnel at Gagetown rely on the support provided by civilian public service workers, and this money could be invested into good public service jobs within communities in need of decent work.

Well-attended virtual townhalls have been held in both our Prairie and National Capital regions, where PSAC and UNDE leaders discussed the findings and recommendations of the report. More importantly, members shared their safety and security concerns on bases where public sector jobs have been contracted out to the private sector.

More townhalls are planned for the British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic regions, while all across the country, members have written to the Department of National Defense and the government to demand that we stop paying more to get less.

Whether it is because of the millions of dollars wasted on generating shareholders profits for large companies, poor working conditions, or risks to national security, contracting out hurts our military and our communities. PSAC and UNDE will keep the pressure on to end privatization on military bases.

Want to get involved? Take immediate action and contact your regional office to find out what actions are planned near you.



November 27, 2020