PSAC hosts its first National Young Workers' Forum

PSAC’s youngest members met in Ottawa from December 7 to 9 to take part in the very first national gathering of young workers. A selection of nearly 50 delegates, all aged 35 and younger, traveled across the country to receiving training, and to strategize around and discuss important issues facing the youngest demographic of Canada’s workforce.

The forum schedule was filled with inspirational key note speakers, workshops, and an informative panel discussion. The members were able to hear from some of PSAC’s leaders who stressed the value of young workers’ contributions.

“Young worker committees are networks for members to share and learn from each other – just as we will do here this weekend,” said PSAC REVP – British Columbia, Jamey Mills. “Within these networks we can strategize, creatively address issues within the union and the workplaces that are important to younger members, support each other, and mobilize as a force that will move our union forward.”

The forum was an opportunity to tackle some of the issues that particularly impact young workers such as childcare, parental leave, health and safety, and precarious work. For those in the public service, the government’s increased reliance on 90-day hires, contracting out, and other forms of temporary work, continues to create unstable working conditions for young employees.

Delegates were able to take part in several workshops to be trained on how to:

  • mobilize millennials
  • build kick-ass campaigns
  • forge strong networks
  • strengthen their committees
  • prepare for the upcoming federal election.

Both PSAC’s National President, Chris Aylward, and National Executive Vice-President, Magali Picard, attended the forum. They closed out the weekend by thanking the young activists for helping make the forum a success, but most importantly for helping to build a strong union.

“When I look around this room, I don’t see tomorrow’s leaders, I see the leaders of today,” said PSAC National President, Chris Aylward. “Young workers are not just the future. They are the now.”

December 14, 2018