PSAC congratulates winners of the 2020 scholarship program

The Public Service Alliance of Canada congratulates the winners of this year’s scholarship awards!  

The winners were selected from hundreds of applications PSAC received from members, and dependents of members, in good standing.  

PSAC wishes to thank all who applied. The 2021 program will re-open in April with new guidelines and application forms. 

Here are the winners: 


National Awards 

  • Christophe Michaud-Lavoie - $4,000 AGR-PSAC 

Christophe resides in Nepean, Ontario and is the son of Vicky Michaud of the Agriculture Union, Local 80002. 

  • Tanisha Ghosal - $4,000 Coughlin-PSAC 

Tanisha is from Milton, Ontario and her father, Shawn S. Ghosal, is a member of Canada Employment and Immigration Union, Local 00631.

  • David Xiao - $3,000 AGR-PSAC 

David is from Penticton, British Columbia and his father, Huogen Xiao, is a member of the Agriculture Union, Local 20043. 

  • Loïs Mang-Benza - $3,000 AGR-PSAC 

Loïs is from London, Ontario and her mother, Carelle Peggy Mang-Benza, is a member of the directly chartered Local 00610. 

  • Simrit Lally - $3,000 Coughlin-PSAC 

Simrit is from Surrey, British Columbia and he is the son of Sharnjit Lally of the Union of Taxation Employees, Local 20027. 

  • Katarina Sotelo - $3,000 Coughlin-PSAC 

Katarina resides in Gatineau, Quebec and her mother, Francine Seguin, is a member of Union of Health and Environment Workers, Local 70713. 

  • Emma-Gui Mbouiti - $2,000 J.R. (Joe) Power 

Emma-Gui lives in Quebec, Quebec and she is the daughter of Nazaire Mbouiti of the Agriculture Union, Local 10008. 


Members’ Awards 

  • Alexis Paquette-Lacasse - $2,000 PSAC Members’ 

Alexis lives in Montreal, Quebec. He is a member of the directly chartered Local 10721.  

  • Rachel McLaughlin - $2,000 PSAC Members’ 

Rachel is from Bruderheim, Alberta. She is a member of Union of National Employees, Local 30116. 

  • Mira Dietz Chiasson - $2,000 PSAC Members’ 

Mira is from Sackville, New Brunswick. She is a member of the Union of National Employees, Local 60284. 

  • Alexis Ifedi - $1,000 PSAC Members’ 

Alexis is from Toronto, Ontario.   He is a member of Canada Employment and Immigration Union, Local 00638. 

  • Olanrewaju Joseph Abolarin - $1,000 PSAC Members’ 

Olanrewaju is from Winnipeg, Manitoba.   He is a member of the Union of Taxation Employees 50021. 


Regional Awards 

  • Emily Hawco - $1,000 Atlantic 

Emily is from Chapels Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador and is the daughter of Elizabeth Hawco, member of Union of Health and Environment Workers, Local 90001. 

  • Mohamed-Amine Belmadani - $1,000 Québec 

Mohamed-Amine is from Montreal, Quebec and his father, Lahouari Belmadani, is a member of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union, Local 10379. 

  • Sarah Olberg - $1,000 National Capital Region 

Sarah is from Ottawa, Ontario.  She is the daughter of Gwenneth Toews, member of the Union of Postal Communications Employees, Local 70180. 

  • Chelsie Johnson - $1,000 Ontario 

Chelsie is from Ajax, Ontario. She is the daughter of Paulette Johnson, member of Canada Employment and Immigration Union, Local 00613. 

  • Zachary Yarechewski - $1,000 Prairies 

Zachary lives in RM of East St. Paul, Manitoba and his father, Brent Yarechewski, is a member of the Union of Safety and Justice Employees, Local 50026. 

  • Gurneet Dhanoa - $1,000 British Columbia 

Gurneet is from Surrey, British Columbia.  His mother, Kamaljit Dhanoa, is a member of the Union of Taxation Employees, Local 20007.

  • Rhys Watson - $1,000 North   

Rhys lives in Whitehorse, Yukon territory. His father, Gordon Watson, is a member of the Union of Safety and Justice Employees, Local Y0118.



October 20, 2020