PSAC calls on federal government to end northern food insecurity 

PSAC launched the next phase of its Illunnata campaign this week, pressuring the Liberal government to take urgent action to support northern food insecurity solutions that are Inuit and community-led. 

“Our members live and work in northern communities across the country and have watched food insecurity reach a crisis point,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward. “All of us deserve food security, and we hope Canadians will support this campaign to help us demand food justice for all.” 

Illunnata means "all of us” in Inuktut, because all of us deserve food security. Yet, 79 per cent of children in Nunavut live in food insecure households and over 70 per cent of Indigenous households on reserves in northern Manitoba and northern Ontario face food insecurity. 

To achieve real change, we need more Canadians to see the realities of northern food insecurity. 

Available in English, French, and Inuktut, provides more information about the causes of food insecurity, learning resources, a social media toolkit and images to help the public to join the conversation, and an add-your-name action to send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding an end to northern food insecurity.   

This campaign stems from a resolution at PSAC’s national convention calling on the union to lobby public authorities to redesign the Nutrition North Canada Program to provide greater access to traditional and country foods and make food more affordable in grocery stores across northern communities. The campaign was also made possible with contributions from PSAC North, the Nunavut Employees Union, the Union of Northern Workers, the Yukon Employees Union and PSAC Ontario.

September 26, 2022