PSAC and USJE to represent RCMP Civilian Members

RCMP Civilian Members will be able to rely on PSAC and the Union of Safety and Justice Employees (USJE) for representation in workplace disputes beginning March 1, 2021. 

Civilian Members will still follow their existing dispute resolution processes, but will now have the assistance of USJE representatives. Each local will develop the resources necessary to assist Civilian Members in conjunction with their Regional Vice Presidents and the USJE national office. USJE is also exploring potential options to provide centralized assistance to Civilian Members from their head office in Ottawa as the transition begins. 

The move to represent CMs directly comes in the wake of the Section 58 decision by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board to pay-match RCMP civilian member occupational groups to the current PSAC Treasury Board classifications. 

If you have any questions about deeming, union representation or how to get in touch with your local or RVP, reach out to  

What happens to grievances already in progress? 

Civilian Members with current files will have the option to have their file remain with their Civilian Member advisors, to take their files forward on their own or to have their file transferred to USJE representatives. 

Are dues going to be deducted? 

Not at this time. Dues will be collected by PSAC once a collective agreement or specific memorandum of understanding is ratified for Civilian Members. 

What’s the latest on bargaining? 

A CM bargaining team has been selected to negotiate transitional issues for Civilian Members pay-matched to PSAC – including vacation leave entitlements, establishment of sick leave banks, maintaining relocation benefits on retirement, and funeral and burial entitlements. 

We have sent a letter to Treasury Board requesting disclosure from the RCMP related to these matters, and will be able to start negotiations for the first collective agreement after receiving this information. 

The bargaining team includes Shelley McLeod, E Division; Jeromey Schroeder, F Division; Jessica Gunson, National Headquarters; and Philippe Tisserand, National Headquarters. They will be assisted by Gail Lem, PSAC negotiator; Pierre-Samuel Proulx, PSAC acting senior research officer, and Dawn Staruiala, PSAC member at F Division. 

Any updates on deeming? 

Negotiations to harmonize terms and conditions for Civilian Members are ongoing, and deeming will be determined once we have resolved some of those fundamental issues. 

Where do I find contact information for my union? 

You can find your  Regional Vice President and Local contacts on the USJE website

For help getting in touch with your local or RVP, reach out to  


March 1, 2021