Pledge to vote for public health care

Canadians are proud to have a universal public health care system. For decades, other countries, particularly our neighbours to the south, viewed Canada’s Medicare system with envy and admiration. But in recent years, we have witnessed a steady decline in government supports and funding  - pushing our once revered health care system to the brink of collapse.

Health care is a public service we all rely on. But the system has been eroded by right-wing governments across the country and will worsen under a Conservative federal government. With every cut to this essential service comes a qualified worker whose job is privatized; a hard-working health care provider villainized for demanding fair working conditions in the face of exhaustion; a family who must choose between waiting in the emergency room for hours or making it to work.

While mega-corporations are turning a profit, Canadian health care outcomes are declining. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. Your voice matters, and your vote can make a difference in the next federal election.

Pledge to vote for well-funded, universal public health care.