Phoenix: PBO report proves Trudeau’s damages offer is not enough

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) released a report on the inevitable expenses associated with stabilizing, and ultimately replacing, the broken Phoenix pay system. The report made one thing clear: the government’s meagre offer to compensate our members for their many Phoenix damages is unacceptable.   

The report confirms that the Phoenix pay nightmare is long from being over. The PBO estimates that our members could be dealing with pay problems until at the very least 2023. Offering PSAC members 1.25 days of leave for each of the past four years is not nearly enough given the damage done to their lives and considering there is no end to the problems in sight.  

Furthermore, we cannot accept any offer that would not allow our members to receive the equivalent of their leave as a cash payment. It is the minimum of what they deserve, and we will not trade that away for anything. 

PSAC is proud to keep demanding the respect our members deserve and we will continue fighting for them until they are offered a settlement that makes them whole. 


May 17, 2019