Phoenix general damages: Did you receive the correct amount?

PSAC members will receive their Phoenix general damages in one lump sum payment on March 3 with their regular pay and it will be taxed at source. PSAC is deeply disappointed with the government’s decision to move ahead without a decision from CRA on taxability and continues to pursue the issue with CRA directly. We have also raised the recurring issue of not separating special payments from regular pay – as was recently the case with retro payments.

Individual details about your Phoenix general compensation payment will be available in MyGCPay (only available on the Government of Canada’s internal network).

If you have any questions about your Phoenix damages payment amount, please first contact your Human Resources specialist for the payment breakdown.  If members still have concerns, they can reach out to the Client Contact Centre. For other information about Phoenix general damages, please visit our frequently asked questions.

Current PSAC members who were granted compensatory time under another union’s Phoenix settlement agreement may not receive the full amount ($2,500) on March 3 and may receive additional payments at a later date. Consult the federal government’s webpage for more information on how your Phoenix damages payment may be calculated if you were under multiple bargaining agents or an excluded employee during any of the fiscal years of the Phoenix agreement.

PSAC will monitor the situation closely to ensure that all our members receive complete and detailed information about the settlement implementation.


March 1, 2021