Parks & CFIA survey: You can shape the future of work in the public service

The pandemic has radically changed the way many PSAC members work. We have experienced the challenges of working remotely from home or having to work onsite with new protection measures; the impact of technological changes; the effect of an uncertain economy on job security; and the major inequalities that remain for women, racialized workers, and many other marginalized groups. These are some of the key issues that can be addressed in the next round of bargaining that begins this summer. 

This next round of talks will be all about the future of work in the federal public service and you can help decide what your union bargaining team brings to the table by completing our member surveys. 

Each survey is for PSAC members in the Parks Canada Agency and Canada Food Inspection Agency groups. They will be open until April 9th, 2021

Take 15 minutes to fill out our Parks Canada survey or CFIA survey to make sure we address your workplace concerns at the table. Your input is essential. We need to hear directly from you about what has changed over the last year. And we need to know more about you so that we can make the case for a contract that equitably addresses our members’ diverse needs. 

Your participation in the Parks Canada survey or CFIA survey and the broader bargaining process is key to our success in the next round of talks. 

Your component union and PSAC will also be reviewing your bargaining proposals and they, along with the survey’s results, will be discussed at a bargaining conference of member delegates from across the country who will decide the bargaining priorities. 

The current collective agreements expire on the following dates: 

Parks: August 4, 2021 
CFIA: December 31, 2021 

Please keep your contact information up to date via the member portal to receive more updates as we prepare to negotiate your next contract. 


March 15, 2021