Parks Canada: Employer delays delivering final agreement

More than 5,000 members of PSAC’s Parks Canada bargaining unit are still waiting for the employer to deliver a final draft of the new collective agreement, ratified August 4, 2023. 

The agreement was ratified by a majority of Parks members, and while the PSAC took the swiftest path to ratification to ensure all eligible members received their $2,500 lump-sum payments, we continue to be frustrated by employer delays in delivering the final agreement. 

Focus on term workers 

PSAC continues to work to ensure that eligible term employees will benefit from hard fought gains in this round of bargaining, and are pushing for a clear commitment from the employer that members who have completed their contracts since ratification on August 4 will receive the $2,500 pensionable lump-sum payment that was negotiated in good faith at the table.  


September 21, 2023