Parks Canada bargaining team and employer farther apart than ever at the table

The Parks Canada bargaining team continued to hold the line and push for stronger working conditions during negotiations September 19-22, despite more than 20 concessions on the table from the employer that would severely impact workers.  

Our Parks team introduced almost all remaining non-monetary demands, including new proposals on joining the National Joint Council and the PSAC-TBS Joint Learning Program, classification reform, childcare, and an Indigenous language allowance. 

Parks Canada provided no responses to PSAC’s demands, while making minor additions to their initial non-monetary package. 

After reviewing the employer’s initial package, our team outright rejected Parks Canada’s demands that would hurt our members. 

Additions to both PSAC and Parks Canada’s packages are identified with yellow highlighting in the linked documents below:   

PSAC proposals package  

Employer proposals

The differences couldn’t be more stark   

While our bargaining team is focused on improving working conditions for all members, the proposals tabled by the employer will have the opposite effect.  

Our proposals aim to advance equity, reconciliation, work-life balance and job security, while Parks Canada is trying to save money, reduce our members’ rights, and improve flexibility for themselves.  

All that comes at the expense of our members, and our bargaining team will not let that happen.  

Our team rejected

  • Attacks on union activism by limiting the time members can be involved in union work; 
  • Disciplinary and leave proposals that make seasonal workers second-class employees; 
  • Overtime provisions that disadvantage people who do not follow typical nine to five schedules and those who do backcountry work, like many of our Parks members; 
  • Leave to care for family members that is subject to operational requirements; 
  • Increasing the number of hours workers must reach in order to be granted leave without pay.  

If the agency's proposals feel like an attack on vulnerable term and seasonal workers, it’s because they are, even though Parks Canada could not function without these dedicated and critical workers.  

What’s next  

Although not included in our initial proposal, our bargaining team will be fighting to secure fair wages that keep up with the rising cost of living, and job-specific allowances. We expect to table these proposals later this fall. 

Upcoming bargaining dates

  • November 22-24 
  • January 17-19 
  • February 7-9 

Show your support online

For questions about the bargaining process, contact your local PSAC regional office, Union of National Employees local, or Union or Canadian Transportation Employees local.  


October 4, 2022