Paid 698 leave available for federal employees getting vaccinated

As the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination begins to gain momentum, PSAC would like to remind Treasury Board and PSAC-UTE employees that they can request paid leave to attend their vaccination appointment.

With 698 leave, employees have access to up to a half-day of paid leave to attend a medical or dental appointment. This includes an appointment for vaccination, and time to travel to and from the vaccination site.

The paid leave is possible under a Treasury Board policy covering medical and dental appointments, but PSAC has been in discussions with Treasury Board to ensure that employees who are getting a vaccine that require a booster are also entitled to paid leave for the second vaccination.

However, since 698 leave is only available to employees of the federal government working under Treasury Board, we ask that provincial and territorial governments follow the federal Treasury Board example and not penalize employees by docking their pay when they protect themselves and their community by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. All workers, regardless of their jurisdiction, should be able to get vaccinated without worrying about their paycheques.

Leave available for PSAC-UTE members

While PSAC-UTE members can't use 698 leave, they are entitled to use code 5300 to get paid leave for both vaccination appointments

If you have any questions about your rights on the 698 leave, reach out to your local shop steward, your Component, or the PSAC regional office for help and support.

You can also consult our FAQ about your rights as an employee around COVID-19 screening and vaccination.


April 22, 2021