O’Toole Conservatives a danger to Québec and francophones across Canada

Following the French-language leaders’ debate, it is clear that an Erin O’Toole Conservative government would set back Québec and francophones across Canada. 

“Let’s be honest – O’Toole wants to balance the budget on the backs of public service workers,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. “The Conservatives will slash the public services Quebecois rely on, privatize stable public service jobs and make work more precarious for hard-working people.” 

Francophones across the country already struggle to receive public services in the language of their choice because this work is increasingly outsourced to private companies outside of Canada. O’Toole’s platform is riddled with ways he’ll privatize public services in the name of cutting costs.  

“The O’Toole Conservatives will be a disaster for Québec and francophones across Canada,” said Yvon Barrière, Regional Executive Vice-President for PSAC-Quebec. “Quebecois are worried about the environment, stable jobs and the French language. O’Toole would set us back on all of these issues.” 

The worsening climate crisis is a top priority for Québec voters, yet the O’Toole Conservatives want to expand pipelines and energy exports and reduce environmental regulations. The devastating impacts of climate change are already being felt on maritime and regional communities in Quebec and across Canada. 

“We need to elect a government that will leave no one behind,” said Aylward. “A government that prioritizes official languages in the public service, invests in a strong and resilient public service and takes the climate crisis seriously. O’Toole’s Conservatives fall well short of the mark.” 


September 9, 2021