What you need to know about joining PSAC

Are you being treated fairly at work?

Since 2004, almost 35,000 members have joined the ranks of PSAC through various organizing drives….we have offered the benefit of belonging to a union to almost 3,500 workers every year.

Workers want to be treated fairly. When you have a union you can negotiate improvements to your workplace. PSAC is an organizing union. We represent workers within and outside of the federal public service. 

If you are looking for a union, consider joining us.

Why do workers join unions?

Workers organize their workplaces for fairness, dignity, protection and respect. How we are treated in the workplace matters.

Unions also negotiate improvements to pay and benefits – things like enhanced leave entitlements for family responsibilities or volunteering in your community.

What are the benefits of joining us?

You benefit when using your collective strength to negotiate:

  • enhanced to sick leave and vacation entitlements
  • increased wages
  • strong grievance procedures to address workplace problems
  • more family friendly conditions
  • better health and safety standards

Unions help to reduce individualism and its potential isolation. When working together, workers are stronger and achieve more.

How do unions work?

Unions are democratic organizations. Elected leaders make decisions based on input from the membership. Members or their delegates vote directly on budgets, resolutions, policies, and collective agreements. 

Unions are a strong vehicle for economic and social justice. We work to counter-balance the tremendous power of corporations and global capital in the interest of workers and for the benefit of our members.

March 24, 2016