New federal fines to discourage health and safety violations

Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs), issued by the Labour Program, have come into effect as an additional enforcement tool to ensure that employers within federal jurisdictions comply with the Canada Labour Code. This new measure will increase accountability for health and safety.

When all voluntary Code compliance measures have been exhausted, and the employer has still not complied, the Labor Program may issue AMPs. An AMP may be issued for each day that an employer or person commits or continues to commit a violation of the Code.

In addition to monetary penalties, the Labour Program will make the names of violators public.

The implementation of AMPs is good news, even if this new system is not perfect. If you are a member of your workplace health and safety committee, are a health and safety representative, or sit on a health and safety policy committee in the federal sector, we strongly suggest adding AMPs to your next meeting agenda to make sure all parties are aware of this new tool and the administrative fines associated with it.


May 28, 2021