Negotiations begin to improve Public Service Health Care Plan

PSAC has kicked off negotiations with the employer to improve the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), which provides benefits to most federal public service workers and retirees.  

The focus will be on making gains for all members since the health care plan hasn’t been reviewed since 2006. There are many issues we will be pushing to improve including vision care, paramedical maximums, coverage for psychological services and many other benefits that impact members’ health and well-being.   

➡️   See the full list of proposals to improve the health care plan 

We have made some progress on updating coverage, but the employer is insisting that changes made to the plan must not result in any additional costs. In fact, they are telling us that they will only agree to changes if they ultimately cost the plan less money. We have told the employer that’s simply unacceptable. The health care plan is not adequately responding to members’ needs and lags behind similar health care plans. A real overhaul is necessary.  

PSAC will continue to push for improvements to the health care plan and will update you on progress as negotiations continue through May and June. 



May 13, 2021