National Public Service Week: we demand better

National Public Service Week (June 9 –15), is a time to recognize the many contributions of federal public service workers to our country and to strengthen the connection between public sector workers and those who rely on the services we provide every day.  

We ensure that Canadians have access to the programs and protections they need. The work we do is essential for maintaining the nation's security, economic stability, environmental sustainability, and social well-being. The collective agreements we signed last year helped raise the bar for all Canadian workers. We truly are Here for Canada, and this should be celebrated. 

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the fact that this government doesn’t have our backs. We are dedicated to our jobs and committed to Canadians, but time and time again the government continues to let us down.  

Incredibly, the Phoenix pay fiasco continues – eight years after it was brought online by the Harper Conservative government. The Canada Life debacle is still impacting workers and retirees. Treasury Board’s decision to mandate workers back into the office is a failure by Canada’s largest employer to adapt, innovate, and truly lead in the face of the future of work. And our colleagues in the FB group are currently still in mediation, working towards a fair collective agreement.  And our colleagues in the FB group are currently still in mediation, working towards a fair collective agreement.

During National Public Service Week, we can send a strong message to this government that these concerns need to be addressed.  We take pride in our work, and we will continue to provide vital public services despite the challenges we face.  But make no mistake – we deserve adequate support, and we demand respect.  

We’ve been Here for Canada. We need this government to be here for us – and for the Canadians that rely on us every day.  

Looking toward 2025, the potential for a Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre would deteriorate our hard-won gains, roll-back critical public services, and erode the fabric of a good life for all Canadians. 

This National Public Service Week, join me in taking action.  

Show your solidarity: take part in National Public Service Week events and activities organized by regions, locals, and branches to find out more about the issues facing us. 

Stay informed: keep up to date on the issues and be ready to take action to demand better treatment from the government. 

Vote wisely: remember the impact of your vote. Support candidates who prioritize strong public services and who value the workers who provide them. 

Together, we can make a difference and ensure the contributions of federal public service workers are recognized, supported, and celebrated. Let's stand together for a better future for all Canadians. 

In solidarity,  

Sharon DeSousa 
National President 

June 8, 2024