A message from Chris Aylward, PSAC National President

I am reaching out to all of you to express my deep gratitude to our members who are on the frontlines of this pandemic and to all who continue to sustain critical government services.

The situation has been evolving swiftly and dramatically and our union has been working tirelessly to protect members and their families. We are doing everything we can to keep safe those who are required to go into the workplace, and those who are teleworking. We are insisting that supports be put in place for those who are most at risk. We are also working to protect those who are physically vulnerable at this time. We know that precarious workers are facing hardship and have joined with others to press for income assistance. Northern and Indigenous communities are also at great risk because of difficult living conditions and limited access to health care.

We are in daily communication with employers across the country and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure your safety, and that of the public.

This is a time of exceptional solidarity—a time when our members are engaged in an all-out effort to fight the pandemic and ensure that Canada and Canadians are as safe and supported as possible. Thanks to all of you—border officers, Service Canada personnel, correctional services workers, university personnel and healthcare providers, and so many others—our country will get through this crisis.

Given the constantly changing situation, please continue to listen to the advice of public health authorities and follow their guidance and directives. Let’s all continue to support those who need help.

PSAC has developed some resources to help you and we will be developing more as needed. Please make sure to follow our social media accounts for regular updates.

If you require the assistance of your union, you can contact us online.

The leadership and staff of the PSAC, alongside your local, Component and regional leaders, are committed to doing all we can to support members and communities during this challenging time.
In solidarity,

Chris Aylward
PSAC National President


March 20, 2020