Labour Day 2021: Workers are recovery

This Labour Day, we celebrate the historic gains workers have achieved — often through job action and hard-fought victories. Together, we will recover from the pandemic by putting people first and making sure nobody is left behind.  

This year, amid a federal election and a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of our labour has never been clearer. Workers got us through it, and workers will be the path to recovery. 

Working people have been at the centre of Canada’s pandemic response, reaffirming the critical role public services play in the lives of all Canadians. That is why our post-pandemic recovery must be built on investing in strong public services and the workers who provide them.   

This election is an opportunity to choose a government that will create good, stable jobs through a green jobs plan and focus on affordable, high-quality and accessible child care to help increase women’s participation in the workforce and grow the economy. It’s a chance to support students and academic workers who return to school this month, uncertain of what their country and career prospects will look like upon graduation. 

As we look ahead to a just pandemic recovery following this election, Canadians deserve strong leaders that will fight against those who would welcome cuts, austerity, and privatization. We need a government that will protect public services and good jobs. 

Living through the pandemic has reminded us of the vital role of workers and the labour movement, from those on the front lines of the pandemic to the workers providing vital public services to Canadians behind the scenes. This Labour Day long weekend, let’s honour them by pledging to vote for a government that will support workers — and all Canadians — through our pandemic recovery. 

Visit the Canadian Labour Congress for a schedule of Labour Day events happening throughout the country and participate in an event near you. 

September 3, 2021