Joint update from the Pay Equity Committee

As mandated by the Pay Equity Act employers are legally required to work with unions to develop pay equity plans. PSAC pays special attention to employment data to ensure our members’ human rights are respected, and at later stages of this process, will ensure that the realities and nuances of members’ jobs are taken into consideration to ensure that the pay equity analysis is based on complete and accurate information.  

In September 2023, PSAC joined the Pay Equity Committee established by the Treasury Board for the core public administration. Its mandate is to examine pay practices with the goal of achieving pay equity in the federal public service for jobs commonly held by women. 

Comprised of a diverse membership, the committee includes representatives from Treasury Board, as well as representatives from all affected bargaining agents—17 in total, as well as representatives of non-unionized Treasury Board employees. The committee is designed to work collaboratively and come to decisions by consensus.  

Members of the Pay Equity Committee have collaborated on a joint update on our progress, in respect to this work's collaborative nature. You can read the full update here. 

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March 26, 2024