Join the Global Climate Strike!

People around the world will be hitting the streets September 20 and again on September 27 to draw attention to the growing climate crisis. PSAC encourages any members who are able, to show support for and join the Global Climate Strike.

Download the PSAC For Climate Justice poster!

With the environment emerging as a top concern for Canadians in the upcoming federal election, this strike provides us with an opportunity to drive home the call for urgent action to all political party leaders. Visit the Global Climate Strike website to find out when and where your city’s demonstration or march is taking place.

What is the Global Climate Strike?

Young people around the word have been leading the fight against climate change. They are now asking everyone to join them in the fight for their future. The strikes have been set to bookend the meeting of global leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit taking place September 23. Actions have been planned in 150 countries around the globe and everyone is encouraged to participate. A worldwide show of solidarity will make it clear to all leaders that we expect ambitious action against climate change, and we expect it now.

I can’t skip work, but I want to support the movement. What can I do?

We understand that not everyone has the ability to take a day off of work to join the strike, but it doesn’t mean you can’t participate and make your voice heard. Here are some ideas of how you can support the movement while on the job:

  • Share the Global Climate Strike messages on social media on your breaks. You can post selfies or group photos using the #ClimateStrike hashtag.
  • Host a presentation or lunchtime discussion to share information about the Global Climate Strike.
  • Put forward a proposal to your employer outlining how and why your workplace should join the Global Climate Strike.
  • If you have a number of colleagues who want to participate, organize a workplace action.
  • If you are able to request formal leave at your workplace, let your employer know why you are taking leave to ensure that your action builds awareness. Encourage other employees to do the same.

Visit the Global Climate Strike website to get other ideas on how you can support the movement.


September 20, 2019