Indigenous Women Are Not Disposable: Search the Landfill

PSAC strongly condemns ongoing inaction on the part of Manitoba government leaders and the City of Winnipeg. The refusal to search for three Indigenous women in the Prairie Green Landfill is proof of ongoing colonization and erasure of Indigenous women. We expect better from governments at all levels.  

Indigenous women are not disposable  

The continued disregard for Indigenous women’s humanity demonstrated by the blatant lack of concern for Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran, and Mashkode Bizhiki'ikwe (Buffalo Woman) sends the false message that Indigenous women are disposable. Failure to search for the remains of these women sends the message that they do not matter, and further, that their families’ wishes to bring them home is not important. 

“PSAC stands in solidarity with labour leaders, families, and First Nations communities in Manitoba and across Canada who are calling for immediate action at all levels of government to put an end to the reprehensible way that the families of these women are being treated,” says PSAC National Executive Vice President Sharon DeSousa.  
"Every reasonable effort should be made to find these women so their families can mourn them with dignity and respect. Why aren’t we seeing every level of government working together instead of evading their responsibility? What we need right now is true and compassionate leadership.” 

Indigenous families deserve to bring their loved ones home 

“Violence against Indigenous women is a pandemic. Because of government inaction, every Indigenous community across this country is listening to the violence of silence,” PSAC National Indigenous Peoples' Circle Prairie Representative, Wayne Robillard. 

PSAC is urging the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Police Service,the Manitoba provincial government and the federal government to direct the necessary funds and resources needed to conduct a thorough search of the Prairie Green Landfill. We must do everything we can to help these families find closure. Anything less is to perpetuate the genocide of Indigenous women and to send the message that this government thinks Indigenous lives are not valued. 
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​Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau: Indigenous women and their families need to be the top priority for incoming Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Gary Anandasangaree @gary_srp


July 28, 2023