Indigenous class action lawsuit: Fight continues, PSAC members not included

In 2021, a group of Indigenous workers filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government for widespread systemic racism in federal Indigenous agencies and departments.  

Where is it now? 

The original statement of claim included workers at Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC), Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs which would have made some PSAC members eligible to participate in the lawsuit.  However, the statement of claim was recently amended to limit eligible plaintiffs to only current and former Indigenous employees and contractors at IOGC. PSAC does not currently represent any workers at this agency. 

Although PSAC members are no longer part of the class action lawsuit, it may be later expanded to re-include our members as the case moves forward.  

PSAC supports Yvette Zentner and Letitia Wells, the Indigenous federal public service workers who launched the legal action against the federal government, as well as all other workers joining in this lawsuit as they wait for certification of their claim by the Federal Court. In November, the Canadian government stated it plans to strike down the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds.  

PSAC continues to support the Black Class Action lawsuit as they fight to address harms at work and barriers to career advancement in the federal public service. 

PSAC will continue to fight for its members and for all workers in Canada so that every workplace is free of racism, harassment and discrimination. 


March 22, 2024