How our union is helping to build the Canada we need

PSAC works continuously to improve working conditions for members through bargaining, the grievance process, health and safety committees and other avenues. At the same time, we strive to make life better for all in Canada. Raising the floor for everyone not only makes our society fairer and more resilient, it also provides our union a stronger base from which we can negotiate better contracts for members.

Here are some of the many ways PSAC is working to build a better Canada for all:

Income support during pandemic  

We were one of the first to call for the expansion of the Canada Recovery Benefit to $500 per week, which the government eventually agreed to do. And we continue to push for better paid sick leave provisions for all workers. 

National child care system 

PSAC has been leading campaigns on child care for more than four decades and has called for the creation of a publicly funded child care system across Canada. We achieved a major victory in September when the Trudeau government announced it would make “a significant, long-term, sustained investment” towards a Canada-wide early learning and child care system.


Through the Forward Together campaign, PSAC is working to create a universal prescription drug plan that will ensure no Canadian has to choose between costly medicines and putting food on the table.

Fixing long term care 

We are pressing the government to make Revera Inc., the second largest network of long-term care homes in Canada, publicly managed and operated. Revera, currently run as a private entity under ownership of the public service pension plan, has experienced hundreds of seniors’ deaths from COVID-19 due to poor management.


From the Idle No More Movement to campaigns for clean water in First Nations communities, PSAC has a long history of working in solidarity with Indigenous struggles and we have made campaigns that support missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls a priority. We continue to be guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and are pressing the government to address systemic racism in policing and the justice system. 

Fighting systemic racism 

We are demanding that employers put in place equity initiatives that include anti-racism measures and we are pressing the government to examine how its laws, policies and practices negatively impact racialized communities.

Improving accessibility 

PSAC actively supported the development of the recent Accessible Canada Act and Federal Public Service Accessibility Strategy. We will be working with government to set standards and regulations under the Act that all federally regulated employers will have to follow.

Supporting LGBTQ2+ people 

We remain committed to working with employers to make trans-inclusive workplaces and advocating for better data collection towards the recognition of the LGBTQ2+ community in the Employment Equity Act.

Progressive taxation 

While millions of workers struggled, many big businesses have continued reaping massive profits throughout the pandemic. For example, Canada’s big five banks alone recorded a stunning $9 billion in profits during what the business press called one of the “worst” periods in banking history. PSAC has supported Canadians for Tax Fairness in their call for a progressive tax system where all individuals and corporations pay their fair share.


December 9, 2020