Help improve accessibility in the federal public service

Our members have told us that lack of accessibility and accommodation are major barriers preventing them from fully participating in the federal public service. Despite the progress PSAC has achieved through grievances and advocacy, there is still a great deal of work to be done before we have fully inclusive workplaces. 

A new study by Carleton University aims to identify these barriers – as well as the support systems available to workers with a disability – to improve employment accessibility across the federal public service. 

You can take part in the study, “Career Transitions and Accessibility in the Federal Public Service”, if you have a disability and have ever worked or applied to work in the federal public service. 

We encourage all PSAC members with a disability to take part in this research. 

How to participate: 

You’re welcome to participate in a quick survey, an interview, or take part in both.  

  1. Complete the anonymous survey online 
  2. Register for a virtual interview with Carleton’s research team 
    • You can also register by phone by calling 613-520-2600 ext. 7310 
    • You will be interviewed on Zoom or by phone, and your feedback will only be recorded with your consent. Accommodations are available for accessible participation.  

The deadline to participate in the study is March 31, 2021. A report on the research project will be published by the end of the year and shared with PSAC and the federal government.  

For more information, reach out to Carleton University’s project officer Mirvat Sanaallah


January 22, 2021