The growing strength behind our union 

Our union can trace its roots back to 1966, when the Civil Service Association of Canada and the Civil Service Federation of Canada merged to increase our bargaining power 

Today, our strength comes from not only those same federal public service workers, but tens of thousands of members from different sectors and workplaces across Canada. 

PSAC continues to grow, and our 230,000 members live and work in almost every city, town, and village in Canada – some even work overseas, as part of Canada’s foreign service – all working together to make our collective agreements, our workplaces, and our communities better.  

The diversity within our membership is what makes us strong. PSAC represents workers in over 300 different bargaining units, all helping to keep the country running smoothly. 

  • Federal government workers – PSAC members who work directly for Treasury Board and agencies make up the largest percentage of workers in the federal public service and deliver a wide range of programs and services people in Canada rely on every day. 

  • Broader federal public service workers – PSAC members work at Crown corporations and organizations funded by the government like the Mint, the Office of the Auditor General, Canada Post, Parliament Hill, and more. 

  • Transportation workers – PSAC members help manage Canada’s airways and work at airports, ports, and pilotage authorities in every province and territory. We help keep the country moving. 

  • Northern workers – PSAC members work in all three territorial governments, at municipalities, and in the private and broader public sector in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. PSAC is the largest union in northern Canada. 

  • Post-secondary and scientific workers – PSAC members teach, research, and work in administration at universities and scientific facilities, across the country.This is one of the fastest growing sectors in our union.  

  • Indigenous workers PSAC members work with First Nations and Indigenous communities across Canada and help deliver a wide variety of services such as healthcare, housing, education and policing initiatives. 

  • Para-public and private sector workers – PSAC members work at non-profits, social service and healthcare providers, government contractors, in the security and gaming sector, at museums and many other workplaces. 

We are proud to bring together workers from Esquimalt to Saskatoon, Gjoa Haven, Sherbrooke and Charlottetown – and everywhere in between – to form one of Canada’s largest and most powerful labour unions. Our work reinforces almost every sector of the economy, and supports our communities with strong public services. Together, we’re making a difference.  

April 28, 2022