Government delaying negotiations for 35,000 PSAC-UTE members as strike continues

This government insists it cares about workers and building a strong public service. Yet for nearly two years, they’ve stalled and dragged out negotiations for our over 35,000 PSAC-UTE members, and denied us the fair wages and decent working conditions we deserve.  

They forced us to secure an overwhelming strike mandate and take strike action to make any movement at the table.  

Now, after being on strike for two weeks on picket lines across the country, Canada Revenue Agency continues to play games, and has tabled offers significantly inferior to the tentative agreement PSAC reached with Treasury Board May 1.  

They also continue to push for concessions at the table that are simply unacceptable.  

This is a slap in the face to the PSAC-UTE members who have been here for Canadians and this government during the pandemic not only to resolve tax issues, but to deliver vital emergency’ financial aid to millions of Canadians in record time. 

Our call centre members also stepped in to assist with the passport and refugee crisis when the government needed us most.  

We’ve been here for this government, and we expect more respect.  

In solidarity,  

Chris Aylward, PSAC National President 
Marc Brière, Union of Taxation of Employees National President 
Adam Jackson, Union of Taxation Employees 2nd National Vice-President


May 2, 2023