To eradicate poverty, we must end inequality

October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Each year on this day, PSAC’s Social Justice Fund supports the Dignity for All campaign and promotes the Chew on This! day of action to mobilize people across Canada to call for an end to poverty. 

Take action now

In 2019, the Government of Canada committed to a target of reducing poverty by 50% by the year 2030. But who are the 50% that will be included and who will remain in poverty? As governments and policies come and go, poverty trends and who it disproportionately affects has stayed the same: Indigenous, Black, Asian, racialized people, disabled, LGBTQ2+, women or gender nonconforming, seniors, single, or those who have precarious immigration status.

We can’t end poverty without ending inequity.

The campaign urges the federal government to do what is legally and morally required to defend and protect the rights of those living in poverty by ending inequities and other types of structural oppression in the country.

Take action

Taking action is where you come in. You can help build the pressure to eradicate poverty and inequity in Canada by engaging with your MP, engaging your social network, and attending a training webinar or virtual townhall.

For details on how to get involved, and more information about the campaign, please visit the Chew on this! 2021 day of action site.



October 15, 2021