Employers and unions must address systemic racism 

This week, a PSAC member was terminated after sharing a racist video that mocked the murder of George Floyd.  

We were appalled at the creation and distribution of such disturbing and offensive content. It is particularly troubling when we consider that one of the people involved, worked for a major federal institution. 

It demonstrates just how pervasive and systemic the problem of racism is.  No institution is immune. Unions, small business, large companies, public employers – we all have a great deal of work to do in order to eradicate racism.  

At this critical moment, we call on all PSAC employers to work with us to create the genuine change that can address systemic racism. We have a diverse membership across the country, and they all deserve to be part of a union and workplace that not only rejects racism, but actively works to dismantle the structures and behaviour that sustain it.

Individuals must always be held accountable for their actions; however this is not a problem to be pinned on a single person or a few “bad apples”. We are long past the point of thinking we can make things better by simply reacting to individual acts.

Unions and employers have the ability to address systemic racism together, and PSAC is committed to being an active partner in this important work.


June 4, 2020