Editorial: We will hold Trudeau’s new government to their promises

In September, Canadians re-elected Justin Trudeau’s Liberal minority government to lead the country through our pandemic recovery.

I want to thank you — our members — for supporting our election work, talking to your family and friends about the issues that matter most, and taking the time to vote.

Thousands of PSAC members signed PSAC’s pledge and told us they planned to vote for candidates that put workers first. 

I want you to know I take this pledge to heart, and that our work did not end on election day. 

Our job as a union is to ensure that Trudeau’s government follows through on their election promises to support workers and their families. 

In bargaining, we will do everything in our power to improve your collective agreements and your working lives. There are so many important issues we need to address: fair wages, remote work, work-life balance, classification and gender pay gaps, contracting out, and systemic racism and harassment in the workplace. 

We will mobilize, and we will show the government the collective strength of our union. 

Together, we will push forward for a fair deal at the bargaining table that recognizes the value of your work and the changing nature of our post-pandemic workplaces.

We’ll also continue to fight for the issues you told us mattered most this election — a just pandemic recovery, improving our healthcare system, universal child care, public services and the climate emergency. We know this work cannot be achieved without making real progress towards reconciliation with Indigenous people, addressing racism in our workplaces, and improving gender equity initiatives across Canada.

There is so much work to be done — and it will not be easy.

During the pandemic, we, and millions of other Canadians, saw the importance of strong and effective public services that can quickly respond to the crisis. 

We will continue to fight any attempts to privatize or cut the public services that will be key to our recovery. 

Prime Minister Trudeau was given another chance to build a better future for all Canadians. Our union
— over 215,000 members strong — will hold his government to account at the bargaining table, in the workplace and in our communities. 

In solidarity,

Chris Aylward, National President


December 1, 2021