COVID-19: Changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan

Due to COVID-19, PSAC has agreed with the employer to make some temporary amendments to the Public Service Health Care Plan, which will assist members in accessing the services that they need.  

These changes include:

  • Extension of the Emergency Benefit while travelling to 60 days from 40

The following changes will be made up until April 24, 2020:

  • Any member can see a social worker and it will be covered under your psychological benefit (up to the regular annual maximum)
  • You do not need a doctor’s prescription to access physiotherapy or psychological services 
  • Dispensing limit for maintenance medication will allow members to get their medication sooner, if required, and potentially get a supply for more than the 100 days’ limit which currently exists.  

The full set of changes and further details can be seen here:

We will continue to work on this situation and will meet with the Employer to potentially make further amendments to Plan during the pandemic.

We are also planning a full set of negotiations for the Plan in the very near future.  We will update members as those negotiations get going.  


April 3, 2020