Conservative government would set back Canada’s pandemic recovery

Thursday’s English-language federal debate proved what Canadian workers feared – that an Erin O’Toole Conservative government would devastate Canada’s pandemic recovery and slash public services Canadian families rely on.  

“Erin O’Toole’s platform is littered with blatant attacks on Canadian workers,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. “He will abandon universal child care for families, make sweeping cuts to public services and weaken our social services, all while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Canadians.” 

Canada’s recovery from COVID-19 depends on leaving nobody behind. That means electing a government that builds on Canada’s social safety net, invests in a strong and stable public service and makes sure the rich pay their fair share.  

“We know O’Toole will pick up where Stephen Harper left off, bringing back austerity measures and cuts that will hurt Candian families,” said Aylward. “We need a government that puts people first so that we can build a stronger, more resilient Canada.” 

The climate crisis and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples are also urgent priorities that require immediate action, and the Conservative policy platform falls painfully short on these critical issues. 

September 10, 2021