Clean water for all: Join the ongoing fight

Every day, thousands of Canadians live without access to one of the most fundamental human rights: safe and clean water.  

This systemic failure of the federal government disproportionately affects Indigenous communities across the country, with dozens of First Nations grappling with drinking water advisories. That’s why PSAC partnered with Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation and Samson Cree Nation to launch the Still Thirsty for Justice campaign in 2022. 

Since then, we’ve engaged Indigenous communities and organizations to dig deeper into how the water crisis impacts Indigenous peoples and others — including PSAC members — across the country.  

During the first phase of the campaign, we collected stories from PSAC members to shine a light on the water crisis in Canada. We partnered with Indigenous water justice advocates across the country to support their work, including sponsoring the first-ever Water is Life Legal Summit to explore water protection through an Indigenous lens. We also engaged members at regional and component conventions with educational tools and resources to help them build awareness within their committees and workplaces. 

But the fight for universal access to clean water is far from over, so we’re renewing our commitment to our Indigenous partners and calling for urgent action to address this crisis. 

Help pressure the federal government 
We need your help to pressure the federal government to take urgent action, not only to end all long-term water advisories as they promised in 2015, but to ensure clean water for all. 

Join the thousands of PSAC members and supporters who have already written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Gary Anandasangaree, and water advisor MP Terry Duguid demanding they keep their promise to ensure access to safe, clean water across every community in this country. 

The water crisis is not just an inconvenience; it's a threat to the health and well-being of entire communities. The consequences are far-reaching, affecting not only the current generation but the generations to come, with children growing up afraid to drink the water from their taps. 

Clean water is not negotiable. It's a human right. Help spread the word so this crisis can no longer be ignored. 

November 24, 2023