Canada Revenue Agency strike continues as negotiations resume

Strike action continues across the country for 35,000 members at Canada Revenue Agency May 1 as negotiations resume with a new mandate from CRA to reach a fair contract. 

Use our picket line finder to find the strike location nearest to you. 

To date, we have successfully resolved some issues related to hours of work and information to be provided to PSAC so that the union can communicate and engage with the membership more easily and effectively. This is progress that we have realized so far because of the strike.  

However, we remain in dispute over key issues with the CRA. These include:  

  • Telework: We are seeking language in our collective agreement so that our members have the right to telework arrangements, and if management says no, management must provide an explanation in writing, and if unreasonable, the union can challenge the decision. Other federal employers have agreed to this. CRA has to date taken the position that there is to be no language on telework in our collective agreement.   

  • Fair wages: We are seeking compensation that will address the cost of living and inflationary pressures. We are also looking for wage adjustments to bring our wages in line with our fellow public service employees. The employer’s position for compensation does not provide for such a wage adjustment and is far below inflation, which is unacceptable to us.  

  • Job security: We are seeking protections that are in line with other collective agreements, including years of service recognition and protections against the contracting out of our jobs. The employer to date has said no to these proposals.  

Our demands are reasonable. And together, we will make real gains for our members. 



May 1, 2023