Bear Witness Day: Upholding Jordan's Principle and advancing Indigenous rights 

May 10 is Bear Witness Day, an annual observance dedicated to Jordan's Principle. This principle honours the memory of Jordan River Anderson by ensuring that First Nations children have equitable access to social, health, and educational services, consistent with standards provided to other Canadian children. 

Bear Witness Day invites people of all ages to "Bear Witness" to ensure Jordan's Principle is fully implemented that is, to ensure all children have access to the services they need.  

In a recent landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the federal government's Indigenous child welfare law, reinforcing the nation's commitment to justice and equality for Indigenous communities. This ruling is a significant victory for child welfare and supports the ongoing efforts to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for Indigenous children across Canada. 

Show your support 

PSAC encourages everyone to take part in actions in support of organizations and community groups advocating for reconciliation and equity. 

You can support the ongoing work of the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society by sending a letter to your MP calling on them to endorse the Spirit Bear Plan to end the injustices experienced by First Nations children and families living on reserve and in the territories. 

Visit the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society’s website for other ideas on how to support and honour Bear Witness Day through education, awareness, and action.   



May 10, 2024