Alternative Federal Budget sets roadmap for stronger public services 

As Canadians grapple with an affordability crisis and the growing threat of climate change, the Canadian Centre Policy Alternatives’ Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) lays out a progressive vision for a federal budget that puts the needs of everyday people and a sustainable future ahead of corporate profits.

The AFB, released annually ahead of the federal budget, is a fiscally responsible roadmap that recommends important actions the government can and should take to build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable Canada. 

Read the 2024 Alternative Federal Budget 

This year’s AFB focuses on investing in our public health care system, affordable community housing, anti-poverty and food insecurity initiatives, a green transition to combat climate change, stronger labour legislation, and a tax system that ensures the wealthy pay their fair share.  

To achieve these goals, AFB 2024 recognizes the federal public service must be well-equipped to meet these ongoing challenges and deliver the services Canadians depend on. These recommendations include:  

  • Adequate funding to rectify pay problems caused by the Phoenix pay system to ensure workers are paid accurately and on time every time; 
  • A full review of staffing levels based on the needs of Canadians; 
  • The creation of an independent consultation body to reduce the government’s reliance on private consultants; 
  • A comprehensive review and amendment of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act that improves the way unions like PSAC negotiate new contracts with the government; 
  • Full funding for settlements of class action lawsuits, including the Black Class Action and the Indigenous Class Action, and more efforts to address oppression and discrimination; 
  • Stronger whistleblowing legislation to protect workers; 
  • Transparency and consultation in the use of AI and other automated decision-making tools; 
  • An ongoing commitment to build a more inclusive federal public service. 

The public service recommendations of AFB 2024 are reflective of the recommendations that PSAC made to the Finance Committee of the House of Commons (FINA), in preparation for their pre-budget consultation process.  

“Public service workers are on the frontlines of program delivery to people in Canada. Our members see every day what works, and what can be improved,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward. “We’ve made suggestions to FINA, and through them to the Minister of Finance, for a 2024 budget that will build robust programs and services that will put the needs of people first, creating the resiliency to see Canada through these difficult economic, social, and environmental times.”   

By addressing these issues, Canada’s public service can remain a robust and flexible institution capable of serving Canadians effectively now and into the future. 

Read the 2024 Alternative Federal Budget 


August 30, 2023