Celebrating International Francophonie Day

On this International Francophonie Day, PSAC is proud to highlight the importance of French within the Canadian public service.

French contributes to the cultural and linguistic diversity of Canada. It lives in every province and territory, spread by francophones, Francophiles and bilingual people. And as such, francophone communities across the country are flourishing. We see it in the increased popularity of French immersion schools and programs, ensuring a bright future for the French-speaking world.

At PSAC, we are so pleased to represent members who foster bilingualism from coast to coast. Because of bilingualism, we can rely on a diverse public service, which is invaluable to all of us.

For French to thrive, however, we must take concrete actions. We must do everything we can so that French is seen as equal to English in our federal institutions.That is why we continue our work to improve the Bilingualism Bonus, which is an important tool to promote the importance of the French language.

Today, let us celebrate the French-speaking world in Canada and around the world.


March 19, 2021