Your vote is important!

A lot is riding on this upcoming election. Make sure to cast your ballot in October.  

Register to vote 

At you can check if you are already a registered voter, change your address if necessary, or register to vote. 

Remember to bring ID when you vote 

To avoid any problems on election day, make sure you’re registered and you have the necessary identification with you. The law has been changed and voter information cards will again be accepted as one form of identification but not without a second piece of ID. lists all the types of identification that are accepted at the polls. 


There are plenty of opportunities to vote. You may vote:  

  • At your poll on election day 

  • At advance polls on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the week before election day 

  • Any time after the election is called, up to six days before election day, in any of the 500 Elections Canada office across the country 

  • By mail if you live abroad 

Beware of false claims about where and when to vote 

Elections Canada never texts or calls electors about when and where to vote. They also never share your phone number with political parties. 

If you are not sure about information you receive, or if you have other questions, contact Elections Canada. 


September 6, 2019