World Day for Decent Work: PSAC calls on Canadians to mobilize against corporate greed

World Day for Decent Work

To commemorate World Day for Decent Work, PSAC is calling on its members and all Canadian workers to mobilize against corporate greed and expose the Harper Conservatives dismal support for workers’ rights.

Since 2008, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has organized the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) on October 7.

Examples of workplace inequality

  • Wages, pensions and job security are under attack
  • Governments whittle down laws that protect workers’ rights, including the right to join or organize unions
  • Workplace safety is compromised resulting in serious injuries and deaths

Women and Decent Work

According to the ILO, empowering women economically improves

  • National economies
  • Household productivity
  • Living standards

Exposing the Harper Conservative’s record

During this federal election, there is a great opportunity to expose the Harper government’s support for:

  • Corporate welfare
  • Dismantling of laws and regulations protecting workers’ rights
  • Cuts to public services that support the welfare and security of Canadians

We need a government that 

  • Ensures collective bargaining rights based on the fundamental guarantee of freedom of association
  • Prioritizes people’s rights and welfare

With this knowledge in hand, let’s stand together on this day as trade unionists for decent work!

See the CLC’s new fact sheet: Decent Work for All


October 7, 2015