Workforce Adjustment: General principles

The Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA) negotiated for Parks Canada Agency employees forms part of your collective agreement. Specific references to relevant sections of the WFAA are indicated in brackets.

Note that the WFAA only applies to indeterminate employees. Term employees are not covered by the WFAA.

The WFAA sets out a number of principles for its application, including:

  • The employer shall maximize employment opportunities for indeterminate employees affected by work force adjustment, primarily through ensuring that, wherever possible, alternative employment opportunities are provided to them.      (Objectives section)

  • It is the responsibility of Parks Canada to ensure employees involved in a work force adjustment situation are treated equitably and given every reasonable opportunity to continue their careers as Agency employees (1.1.1).

  • Parks Canada shall carry out effective human resource planning in order to minimize the impact of work force adjustment situations (1.1.2).

  • Parks Canada shall apply the appendix so as to minimize involuntary lay-offs (1.1.14)

  • Alternative service delivery initiatives will be guided by the principles of fair and reasonable treatment of employees, value for money and affordability and maximization of employment opportunities for employees (preamble to part VII).

Although the Appendix allows Parks Canada to implement lay-offs, these over-riding principles compel your employer to make every reasonable effort to avoid them. As the remaining info sheets outline, these broad principles are supported by detailed, specific procedures designed to minimize lay-offs.



September 18, 2013