Who else should I inform?

Report disability to your HR office without delay and follow up frequently.  You, your doctor and medical specialists know best whether your health problem will result in a condition that prevents you from performing the regular duties of your own occupation. You should inform your HR Office immediately and start proceedings regarding your DI application in order to avoid frustrating delays. If necessary, you can download the application from the Treasury Board Web site

An application for Canada/Quebec Pension Plan disability benefits and Workers' Compensation benefits may also be made at the same time, since the DI plan policy gives the insurer (Sun Life) the right to reduce the amount of the employee's monthly DI indemnity benefit according to their estimate of other disability income under these programs and others.

When you apply for CPP or QPP, you may be asked to sign an "offset agreement". It is all right to sign these. You are applying for a number of income support schemes. It is not intended that you apply for several and that they add up to more than your original salary. It is intended that you start getting at least partial income as soon as possible. This even applies where there is a lawsuit. If you successfully sue somebody for causing a disability that Sun Life was paying you for, then a portion of your award would be turned over to Sun Life.

Departmental HR personnel are trained and experienced both in processing DI claims and providing counseling and advice to employees on all aspects of the Disability Insurance Plan, Workers' Compensation, CPP/QPP, the Public Service Pension plan and related matters. They can explain how much you will get from each of these sources. See also question 12 and 13. Discuss any problems with your union representative.

It is important to follow up with HR when a DI claim is filed and you are uncertain about the status of your case. 

Remember that while the provisions of the DI plan were developed in consultation with the unions concerned, your direct link to Sun Life is the HR office in your employing department or agency.


September 22, 2013