What is an employment transition situation?

An employment transition situation is one where your employment is jeopardized by

  • Expenditure constraints,
  • New legislation,
  • Program changes,
  • Reorganization,
  • Technological change,
  • Productivity improvement
  • Elimination or reduction of programs or operations in one or more locations,
  • Relocation, or
  • Decentralization.

In some employment transition situations only specific individuals are involved in an employment transition, while in other cases the adjustment may involve entire work sections or functions.

Where 10 or more indeterminate employees are involved, CFIA must advise the Public Service Alliance of Canada no less than 48 hours before the situation is announced. This notice must include the identity and location of the work units involved, the expected date of the announcement, the anticipated timing of the situation, the number of employees by group and level, and who will be affected (2.1).

Note that the ETP only applies to indeterminate employees (Policy). Unfortunately, term employees are not covered by the ETP.



September 17, 2013