What does the WFAA oblige the employer to do?


Departments and organizations must:

  • Consult with the union as soon as possible.
  • Maximize employment opportunities for indeterminate  employees.
  • When possible, provide alternative employment opportunities and give employees every “reasonable opportunity” to continue their careers in the public service.
  • Make sure employees are treated equitably.
  • Establish joint Work Force Adjustment Committees.
  • Review the use of private temporary agency personnel, consultants, contractors, term employees and all other non-indeterminate employees and where practicable not re-engage them when it will facilitate the appointment of surplus or laid off persons.
  • Identify situations where retraining can help workers continue their careers in the public service.
  • Advise employees in writing about their status and any change to it.
  • Actively cooperate with the Public Service Commission and other departments/ organizations.  Interdepartmental cooperation is essential to maximize employment opportunities, although an organization’s first priority is to find jobs for workers in-house.

Additional employer obligations can be found in Part I of the WFAA.


September 16, 2013