We expect more from CBSA

FB team takes CBSA and Treasury Board to task over heavy-handedness of CBSA management

Our PSAC/CIU bargaining team met with CBSA and Treasury Board in Ottawa this week to continue contract talks. At the outset, our team raised with the employer that, in light of the on-going disrespect shown by CBSA management towards PSAC/CIU members at CBSA – from rampant, frivolous discipline to denied vacation leave requests to issues concerning hours of work scheduling at the local level – there will have to be new protections for union members in our next contract. We deserve respect for the work that we do.

Management rejected our proposal to beef up the legal indemnification policy and put it in the collective agreement. We reiterated our position that CBSA cannot be trusted to act in the interests of officers subject to the legal indemnification policy.

Sick leave

Our position is that we continue to seek either a renewal or improvements to the current sick leave regime.

General economic increases

All PSAC tables proposed a general economic increase of 3% per year this week. This is in addition to the allowances and market adjustments that our team has or will be making in subsequent bargaining sessions.

Workforce adjustment

We discussed our proposed changes to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. The employer's bargaining team had a significant number of questions about our proposals that we will respond to in our next meeting. We reiterated our position against the contracting out of work. Many unions have identified this issue as a major concern in this round of bargaining.

We have a week of bargaining scheduled in June and are pushing for additional dates. We’ll be sure to update as things progress. Visit our webpage for more information and to see our proposals and those of the government.



April 15, 2016