Vote to Stop the Cuts campaign helps stop Conservatives

PSAC asked Canadians to vote for change and on October 19 they delivered.

With a unanimous mandate from our 17th Triennial Convention, PSAC launched the Vote to Stop the Cuts public awareness campaign on July 13. The message: stop the cuts to public services by voting out the Harper Conservatives.

The campaign focused on support for veterans, border security, search and rescue, employment insurance, environmental protection and food safety.

PSAC members across the country got involved, by speaking to people at work and in their communities, canvassing, holding information pickets, rallying, and participating in other campaign activities. The campaign also included advertising on radio and billboards, as well as through social media.

The campaign generated mass media attention. It earned more than 50 news stories in outlets such as the Toronto Star, CBC, Maclean’s, La Presse, Le Droit, Postmedia, Toronto Sun, CTV News and The Huffington Post. Dozens of journalists across the country weighed in on how PSAC’s campaign would affect the vote.

After its launch, Vote to Stop the Cuts went viral:

  • The two campaign videos received 5.3 million views
  • Over 370,000 people visited
  • Campaign content got 1.3 million Tweets, Facebook likes and shares
  • Canadians sent 5,339 letters to candidates
  • PSAC’s Facebook following grew from 9,000 followers, to 28,000, making us one of the most influential Canadian unions on social media

An Ekos poll, taken right before the election suggested eight out of ten respondents believed that cuts to public services would influence the way they voted.

The campaign owes its success to PSAC members who spread the message, through face-to-face conversations, by wearing a campaign button, sharing campaign messages on social media and sending letters to candidates.

PSAC will push the new government to keep its promises to restore public services and repeal anti-union legislation. The campaign is over, but the work is just beginning.


October 29, 2015