Vote on FB Group tentative agreement: National webinars

We have organized over 170 opportunities for members to attend a meeting face to face and cast their vote. We are now adding two days of national webinars for members who are unavailable to attend a face to face meeting. You will find the links below which you can click on and register for one that works with your schedule. Then on that date and time you can log on and listen to the complete presentation.

The regions may also be organizing regional webinars at the request of Branch Presidents and members. Those will be found on the regional websites and announced regionally. All webinars are monitored for attendance for the presentation as it is your confirmed attendance which will allow you PIN to become active and allow you to vote.

May 3rd, 2018

12:00pm EST - French

6:00pm EST - English

8:00pm EST - English


May 22nd, 2018

12:00pm EST – English

6:00pm EST – French

8:30pm EST - English




April 30, 2018