Université de Montréal: veterinary residents and interns join union!

The Public Service Alliance of Canada, Quebec region (PSAC-Quebec) was recently granted certification by the Tribunal administratif du travail du Québec to represent a unit comprised of veterinary residents and interns at the Université de Montréal. This unit will join the Syndicat des étudiant-e-s salarié-e-s de l’Université de Montréal (SÉSUM).

“We had heard about the poor working conditions experienced by veterinary residents and interns", explained Samuel-Élie Lesage, responsible for internal affairs at the SÉSUM. "The union will advocate for its new members and secure favourable, respectful and safer working conditions. The SÉSUM is unwavering in its fight against precarious employment at Université de Montréal.”

Members of the new unit are seeking solutions to several issues, including pay and working hours. Collective bargaining will provide a framework through which they can raise their concerns with management and achieve a successful outcome.

PSAC-Quebec applied for certification on June 22 to represent these employees from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Université de Montréal, Saint-Hyacinthe Campus. Clinical residents and interns are student workers who have the right to practise while pursuing a specialty in veterinary medicine. The internship period is one year and residency runs for three years.  

“For over a decade now, PSAC-Quebec has been committed to organizing student workers in the university sector. We are thrilled to have veterinary residents and interns on board,” said Magali Picard, Regional Executive Vice-President for PSAC-Quebec.





August 15, 2017