Treasury Board says no amendments necessary on WFA layoff language

Despite the turmoil and anxiety unleashed in federal workplaces across the country during more than four years of downsizing, the Workforce Adjustment Appendix works fine and no amendments of any kind to the current language are necessary. At least this is what Treasury Board told PSAC.

The parties had set aside a half day for WFA bargaining on June 22 and instead had a very brief discussion on the significant issues raised at the table.

Treasury Board’s position came in response to numerous PSAC bargaining proposals tabled to ensure that WFA operates in a fair, transparent and impartial manner.

“This is an insult, especially coming from a Liberal Government that campaigned on the promise to restore respect to the public service,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.

“On behalf of our many members who suffered mental and physical health problems due to the stresses brought on by months of chaos and agony in the workplace during the downsizing process, I am deeply offended.”

Examples of bargaining demands  

  • Improving access to voluntary departures

  • Strengthening the alternation process

  • Decreasing the level of contracting out taking place

  • Getting rid of the process which forces people to compete for their own jobs and replacing it with a seniority based system.

  • A number of suggestions for improved notification, including better notice to the union regarding the impact of WFA situations on term employees.



June 24, 2016