Training in the public service: PSAC Policy 10

Basic objectives of the policy of the Alliance on training will be to:

  • ensure that training programs in the public service are based not only in recognition of Employer's needs, but also in recognition of the worker's needs, and that these should be revised on an annual basis; and
  • ascertain that more emphasis is given to training programs for workers in lower-paid groups in the public service.

Towards these goals, the Alliance will continue its efforts to establish training programs in the following areas:

(a) Trades Training Programs including Apprenticeship Training for workers in the General Labour and Trades Group.

(b) Career Development Plans with the inclusion of appropriate training opportunities for workers in the Administrative Support Category and in the Operational Category.

(c) Training Programs for workers in the Technical Category, in particular for specialized areas affected by continuing research and development in specific fields.

(d) Training and retraining for workers adversely affected by technological, operational and other changes.

The Alliance recognizes the difficulties in establishing training programs on a service-wide basis where departmental requirements vary considerably. The Alliance also recognizes that in order to provide advancement opportunity to workers who successfully complete the training, it would be necessary that training is coordinated with manpower requirements and the staffing policy in the public service. Therefore, the Alliance will approach the question of training on a selection basis after reviewing those aspects of employment in the public service which affect training of workers.


September 21, 1990